~Handwoven in Hawaii ~ Paracord Made in USA ~

Handwoven paracord pineapple charm with clasp.

Pineapple w/clasp measures about 4 inches in length and 3/4 inch in diameter.

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...Coming Soon...

Build a customized handwoven pineapple charm

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Pineapple Charm--Farmer's Market Collection

  • $15.00

Available Options

Qty Image Pineapple Charm Price
Maui Gold $15.00
The Colonizer $15.00
What's Up Doc $15.00
#$@! $15.00
Super Lemon $15.00
Strawberry Fields $15.00
Watermelon Sugar $15.00
Violet Beauregarde $15.00
C.A.T. (Cherry.Apple.Tomato.) $15.00